Why We Do It

Many young people in Boston have little or no access to the arts and music. Every young person should have an education and experience in the arts. IAM seeks to foster and develop confidence, teamwork, discipline, and work ethic by providing children, teenagers, and young adults with performing arts opportunities and education. Grass roots programs in urban neighborhoods not only provide the student with a no-barrier arts experience, but also enrich the community. Our Great East Music Festivals support the scholastic goal and growth of music programs. The Boston Crusaders serve not only as a training ground for future music educators but also build leaders for science, medicine, law, finance, and government. The commonality of all the programs is to create a safe environment, provide quality experience in the arts, build confidence and self-esteem, enrich the community, celebrate diversity and inclusiveness, celebrate the achievements of artists at every level of development, and ultimately help young people reach their full academic and artistic potential.